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        Electric mosquito swatter use

        Electric mosquito swatter use

        Instructions The electric mosquito swatter is equipped with a 4V rechargeable high capacity lead-acid battery. It can be recharged 400 times with 8-15 hours of charging, environmental protection and energy saving. After the charging is completed, the pull switch can be selected to remove the mosquito under the light. Press the switch to kill the mosquito. For the mosquitoes that are parked on the wall or on the mosquito net, press the power switch. At this time, the red light is on, the thin net faces the mosquito, and it is gently approached. The mosquito is sucked into the two grids, and then it is killed. Next, the Panasonic switch, the mosquito will fall; for the mosquito flying in the air, press the switch, the mesh is aligned with it, and it can be swung. Kill flies. Because of the high sensitivity of flies, you need to master certain skills when using them. 1. For the flies that are parked on the plane, hold the flies and shoot the flies, face the flies, place them gently on the same plane 20--30 cm away from the flies, press the switch, after the red light is on, When the flies swiftly flew, the flies were sucked between the two grids, and the electric shock continued for 1-2 seconds, and the flies were electrocuted. 2. For the flies on the wall, hold the flies and shoot the flies, face the flies against the flies, place them on the wall, place them 20--30 cm below the flies, press the switch to swipe quickly, and the flies Being inhaled between the two grids, the electric shock is continued for 1 - 2 seconds, and the fly is electrocuted. 3. For the flies that are suspended on the ropes in the air, the hand is holding the mosquito swatter, the thin net faces the flies 20--30 cm, presses the switch, swiftly swings, the flies are sucked into the two grids, and the electric shock continues. In 1 to 2 seconds, the fly is electrocuted. If the flies fall to the table, place the thin mesh facing down and place it between the two metal strips of the thin mesh. Press the switch and move it gently. The pest is sucked into the net and flipped the handle to make it thin. With the net facing up, you can pick up pests. No need to pick by hand.
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